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  • Story Introduction:
    In Dec. 1977, Chinese government restores the college entrance examination system.

    Based on this time background, "Our Youth in 1977" tells the significance of this extraordinary moment. In the Great Northern wilderness, a group of educated youth from Shanghai and Beijing see the hope in despair and numbness and eager to change their fate through the college entrance examination.

    In the play "Our Youth in 1977", the famous actor Yi Sha will play an educated youth from Shanghai Zhigang Luo, fell in love with the Counter revolutionist descendants Lisheng Lin(played by Yuanke Wang) they will together face with the hesitation, struggle and excited when the opportunities suddenly come. Since Lisheng Lin is the descendant of the counter revolutionist, therefore she is unavoidable affected and find herself in a blind alley.
    Commander Luo Zhigang has been always protected Lisheng Lin, soon Zhigang and Lisheng becomes lovers.
    Lin Lisheng wants to leave the hometown and back to the city, but there is only one vacancy available for being the university student. Everyone would like to collude to vote for Lisheng Lin out of sympathy, however their collude evidence was caught by the company instructor Zhao Weidong.
    To make up for this error and free from the accusation from Zhao Weidong, Linsheng has been seriously injured in the process of redeem herself by good service. On the other side, Weidong Zhao has handed in the evidence of collusion to the countryside higher authorities, so that the higher authorities can destroy Lisheng’s hope of back into city.
    To make Lin Li-sheng back to the city, Zhigang forced Lisheng to break up with him, Li-sheng runing away to Lin Jiang and married with her distant cousin, at that time, this seems to be her only way out. Just at this time, the central government decides to restore the college entrance examination system.
    Meanwhile, Lisheng 's father Zhiyi Lin is also protected by the warden. He has been released on parole for medical treatment, and this information is forward to Lisheng in advance. Hence, Lisheng has become a "escape bride” to find her father.
    A tossed stone raises a thousand ripples. News of the resumption of college entrance examination spread throughout the country. The head of the farm Mr. Chi for the reason of cherishing his friendship with the group of young people in the rural areas and do not want them to leave. Therefore, painstakingly, he blockades the information of the news and prohibits the educated youth to “spread rumors”. When Lin Lisheng returned to the farm, Zhigang Luo has been already date with Mr.Chi’s daughter Qiuyue.
    Qiuyue wanted Zhigang and Lisheng back to their relationship again, but both Zhigang and Lisheng both against this idea. The Central People's Broadcasting Station broadcast resumed college entrance examination news. But head Chi and Weidong Zhao strictly block the news. Until Zhigang disclose this information to other educated youth. At this historical moment, people open the farm radio and eventually know the truth. Lin Zhiyi came to the farm, counseling those educate youth homework, prepare for the college entrance examination,
    and launched various struggles with resentful Weidong Zhao.


    Release date: 2011

    Broadcast time: 2014

    Director: Haiyang Jiang, Xin Zhao

    Casts: Yi Sha, Keyuan Wang, Sai Fei He, Xiaozhi Ning, Zishan Yang

    Production company:Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd.,

    Present by: Shanghai Film Group   

    Genre: Love

    Number of episode: 28 episodes