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  • Story Introduction:
    The drama adapted according to the historical events in Shanghai.


    After liberation, Shanghai need to arrange nearly ten thousand vagrants, relocate them to northern Jiangsu for labor service. They are composed of beggars, thieves, prostitutes, gangsters, street children, the KuoMinDang military and political person and their family members.This story is mainly focusing on their labor life of these reclamation pioneers.
    In this drama, the demobilized soldier Tianliang Xiao (acted by Yiping Jia)was appointed as the new village chief of “Si Cha He” reclamation , people have transformed this sleeping saline land into a fertile place full of crops and cotton. Meanwhile,he helped those lost people found the hope of life.



    Release Date: 2013
    Broadcast time: 2016
    Director: Chuanrong Jiang
    Casts: Yiping Jia, Yuxin Liu, Liwen Wang, Meijuan Xi
    Production company: Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd.,
    Present by: Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd.,    
    Genre: Anti - Japanese War
    Number of episode: 26 episodes