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  • On the eve of the "July 7 Incident",  the Japanese army in order to launch a comprehensive war aggression against China, start "Shan plan"

    The Japanese side attempted to rob the central banknote printing plant's counterfeit money printing template, using it to counterfeit coins and hit China's economic. The lurking Japan Spies Tiesheng Liu responsible for the implementation of this action. As the plane crashes, the template has dropped into the Huangpu River during the transfer process.
    Frog woman was born and grew along the Huangpu Riverside, and her father is the leader of the local boat gang. Hence, to salvage the template, only the frog woman is competent to carry out this work.
    Tiesheng Liu plays various conspiracies and make every attempt to take away the sank French coin template from Frog woman. To protect the template not fall into the hands of the Japanese, Frog woman launched a breathtaking fight with Tiesheng Liu.
    Nevertheless, the Print template is eventually snatched and sent to the Japanese flagship "Izumo". To terminate the Cedar plan, Frog woman and her beloved man Chong Zhong push the torpedoes in the water together, oath to take the Japanese ship down to the bottom of hell. As the earthshaking explosion arises above the Huangpu River, the light ignites Frog woman’s legend and brilliant life.


    Presented date: 2012
    Broadcast time: June 16, 2013
    Director: Yancheng Deng, Chuanrong Jiang
    Casts: Zhilin Zhang, Li Man Tu, Yilang Li, Yani Dai, Xue Sang
    Present by: Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd.,  
    Genre: Modern Revolution, History, War
    Number of episode: 30 episodes