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  • Story Introduction:
    The story “Baby-Sitter " occurred after Shanghai’s successful bid for World Expo.

    During the period of the preparation of the World Expo, the educated youth Fengshou Niu from Heilongjiang Provence followed her husband, the educated youth Maolin Jiang from Shanghai return to Shanghai from Heilongjiang Provence and start their new life. When a Northeast daughter-in-law met a Shanghai mother-in-law, they launched an invisible battle between each other.

    After Fengshou Niu losses several job in Shanghai, she found her husband has a childhood sweetheart "sister" still waiting for him, hence, conflicts arises between this several decades couples. Mistakenly, Fengshou Niu became a maternity matron in her extremely offensive boss’s house. However, an even grander issue arises. How she support herselves in Shanghai? How can she improve her relationship with her mother-in-low? And how can she save her on the verge of breaking marriage? As for Maolin Jiang, what can he do when he face with these three women? Three generations come from three families has been linked together because of the "confinement". Each family has its own problems, can they overcome these crises? The answer can all be found in this TV series.

    Broadcast time: Oct. 2010
    Director: Haiyang Jiang, Chuanrong Jiang
    Casts: Ping Ni, Qiuge Zhang, Meijuan Xi, Tong Ye
    Production companies: China International Television Corporation,
    Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd.,
    Shanghai Jun Wei Culture Communication Co., Ltd    

    Genre: Drama, Family
    Episode number: Number of episode