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  • Creasun has professional film & television production equipments and production lines, covering the creative design of visual effects, production process design, the shot management of visual effects, DIT data management, film editing, digital intermediate, color grading & color correction, audio production, 3D stereoscopic film production, 2D to 3D conversion and other technical services.

    Technoloy and Devices

     (1)Industrial Standard Production Studio

    Barco DP2K-32B

    World-class projector---Barco DP2K-32B

    Dolby Surround 7.1 Theatre with 8m-widescreen HD projector; capacity:20 people

    Dolby Digital 5.1 Theatre with 5m-widescreen HD projector; capacity:8 people


     (2)2D & 3D Grading (coloring) Studio

    The 2D&3D Grading Studio has 5 rooms, capacity for 8 people each room ,with Mistika, Nucoda Film Master, Da Vinci 4~5m-widescreen HD Projector and Dolby PRM-4200 professional standard monitor.


    (3)Visual Effects(VFX)Center

    Experienced VFX team and professional studio


     (4)Editing Center

    10 rooms with Avid, Final Cut Pro editing rooms with central matrix system for efficient data transfer within the company, can be previewed in real-time in the auditorium


    (5)Sound Studio

    Professional Dolby 7.1 Mixing studio, professional dubbing studio, Foley studio with Pro Tools


    Our Services


             Video editing

             Feature film editing

             3D stereoscopic editing

    (2)Visual Effects

             Pre-production  Pre-visualisation, VFX consulting

             Post-production  Animation, special effects

    (3)Digital Intermediate (DI)

             Data Management

             Color grading

             HD、2K、4K、Real-time 3D film

             Mastering(DCP Mastering)

             Standard cinema theatre         

         Others (Data storage、color management)

    (4)3D Stereoscopic Production

             3D stereoscopic script design

             3D Shooting consultant

             3D stereoscopic correction

             2D to 3D (3D images reconstruction)         

             Service Features          

         An international team of professionals with extensive experience in 3D filmmaking, our works are widely recognized by the industry, providing customers with the best technical support.      

    (5)DIT Services


             Live backup, transcoding, playback and color grading

             Service Features             

         Professional international standards DIT processes, professional team monitoring the entire shooting, with real-time technically appropriate guidance.             

         Professional and efficient processing of precious data, ensuring that the pre and post-production process work closely together, resulting in a  smoother, more refined standard.

    (6)Sound Production

             Record dialogue

             Repair dialogue

             Foley sounds

             Sound effects