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  • Company Profile

    Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Corporation Ltd. founded in 2007, after more than 10 years of development it has become a film and television technology company, with technology as its core and three main sections which are “technology + content”, “technology + production” and “technology + pan entertainment” as its layout. Creasun Media has subsidiaries which located in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

    ◆ Company operation encompass: domestic and foreign investment in film & television; film & television production; pre-production planning; filming/local production service in overseas; production both in domestic and foreign; digital content creation for television networks; film & television post-production; VFX production; marketing and domestic and foreign distribution.

    ◆ Creasun Media has a top technical team in China, and there are many first-tier Asian artists who have won the Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards for many times. Among them, there are about 50 full-time members, and over 1,000 part-time artists in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, northeast China and Shandong Province.

    ◆ Creasun Media will be based on technology, committed to becoming an international film and television technology entertainment company in the field of film and television entertainment.

    Creasun Company Structure

    Core Team


    Creasun Technology

    The company has two patents for inventions:

    1. A film & television production data storage system based on HA cluster
    2. A trace reduction method and system based on micro-inertial sensors