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  • Recently, The House That Never Dies, the first homemade 3D thriller, has become a blockbuster in domestic film industry.

    The House That Never Dies (originally named Chaoyangmen Inner Street No.81)is a film made and distributed by Hengye Pictures adapted from the novel Chaoyangmen Inner Street No.81 written by Yu Lei. Director Wai Man Yip and producer Manfred Wong contribute to this film. Leading roles include Francis NG, Ruby Lin, Tony Yang, Hailu Qin , Monica Mok, Jing Li and so on. The film costs in the region of 100 million yuan ($ 1 equals RMB 6.88 approximately), which ranks the highest among domestically invested thrillers. The film had taken 45,300,000 yuan in the box office of its premiere on July,18th in 2008. Then the number was over 3000 million on July, 26th, being a breakthrough of six records of homemade thrillers.

    The film starts with an appealing tale keeping the audience in suspense. Back to the early years of the Republic of China , one lorette named Lu Dieyu fell in love with Mr. Huo, who was the third young master of a rich family in old Peking , and married him. However, it was until the wedding day that Lu found who she really married to was a dead, who was the second son of family Huo. The bride, dressed up in fine-decorated sedan-chair, ended up with marrying to a ghost lying in the gold-trimmed coffin made by Photinia wood.  It’s said that the film staff used 12900 props in total to create the fast-changing scenes of this luxurious marriage between a living and dead person, giving the audience a sense of being in a trance. Then the shot cuts to 100 years after when one offspring of that ancient family goes back to this former residence. It seems that the dead miserable person is alive again. The scenes such as red ball at midnight, the drifting ghost dressed in red or claws in a nightmare make it a successful thriller full of frightening and striking imagery.


    From the less than 6 minutes’special feature, we notices that the long process of producing this film can be compared to a journey of becoming an immortal which includes the Taoist style steps: souls finding, spirit refreshment, scene creation, tools making and mental training . It’s like an exciting short film that illustrates the oriental culture showed in The House That Never Dies. It’s also referred that the 12900 pros are necessary for the “tools making”process. The articles of Republic period such as carved doorframes, luxurious wooden coffin and ancient-style furnishings improve the appreciative value of the film while costing the producer a lot. According to the director Wai Man Yip,”The props part is really a thorn. Some are expensive antiques and we have to make every effort to borrow them and be quite carefully not to break them.”

    The House That Never Dies is a confident and bold trial since there weren’t homemade 3 D thrillers in our film market before. The quality of 3 D effects is of first level compared with other films at home. The thrilling atmosphere is perfectly created by surround sound technology utilized in the film. The audience feel as if they were personally on the scene and saw the top chilling one of “the four oriental old horrible houses”. It’s different from the traditional thrillers made in restricted scale according to its public response. In light of the elaborate pictures and the intriguing story, The House That Never Dies thriller is a veritable blockbuster .

    The post production work , which is finished by Shanghai Creasun Film and Media Culture Company Limited (www.carincara.com), makes a crucial contribution to the success of this film. Creasun is a comprehensive film company combining investment, creation, shooting, production and distribution together, working on offering one-step service of the production of film and drama for high-end customers. This company grew out of Shanghai Creasun Film Company Limited established in 2007 and was reintegrated in 2011. In the city Beijing and Hong Kong respectively, Creasun Cuture Company Limited (Beijing)and Creasun Digital Company Limited (Hong Kong)have been founded. At the same time, the company expand investment in post production part. Experts and creative international talents have been introduced to our company to improve the quality of film production. The company is also equipped with advanced facility for post production.

    So far, Creasun has completed the production work of near 100 films and 3000 episodes of TV series. Well-known works in the industry include Turning Point 1977, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Cold War, Chat Gim, Wing Chun, The Myth and so on. With The House That Never Dies hitting on the screen, Creason wins high praises in the film industry.