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  • Crow Mouth Funny Girl, the hilarious and gorgeous comedy

    is produced by Shanghai Croton Media and is directed by Qi Xiaohui with Jiang Jiajun as its chief director and Creasun Media as the post-producer. This TV drama, starring Mao Xiaotong, Zhang Lingzhi, Wang Chuanjun, Chen Yanfei, Zhang Ruihan and Yin Zheng, held a premiere conference in Shanghai on November, 18, 2015. Zhang Lingzhi, Mao Xiaotong and other creators attended the conference to support it.


    At the conference, the creators all showed up and interacted with media and audience. Wang Chuanjun pulled fancy pranks on others, and Mao Xiaotong was easily cheated by him. Yin Zheng playing the role of “a crazy inventor” “poisoned” at the site so that “virus of happiness” spread crazily, but then his magic was exposed by Chen Yanfei. Besides, Zhang Yanhan showed his way of chasing a girl by confessing his love to Zhang Lingzhi, which made a good example for the singles.  Since “Crow Mouth Funny Girl” is jointly directed by the two excellent directors, Jiang jiajun and Qi Xiaohui, it is worth to see what kind of interesting plots and mind-lowing punchlines it will bring to audience. Its “version in advance” will firstly broadcast on Dragon TV and its “version in winter vacation” on Dragon TV on January, 2016.

    “Pig teammate” Mao Xiaotong was cheated again; Wang Chuanjun showed his “superpower”

    At the conference, Wang Chuanjun and Mao Xiaotong who cooperated as“couple-partners”for the second time had intimate interactions in tune. They generously shared their funny life behind the TV drama. Moreover,their great height difference made them very adorable to audience. In the site, Wang Chuanjun pretended to apologize for his prank to Mao Xiaotong by showing his “superpower”- conjuring up a crow doll, which turned out to be another prank, so “pig teammate” Mao Xiaotong was cheated again. Their close and lively interaction made sparks fly between them, and later their five shootings even raised a small climax among the audience.   

    “Yi-Jian-Mei Boy”Yin Zheng released virus of happiness; Chen Yanfei lifted his clothes

    Yin Zheng, known by audience as“Yi-Jian-Mei Boy”(whenever  he  appeared, the song “Yi Jian Mei”as BGM was sounded ) in the film Goodby Mr. Loser , played the role “Qiao Muyu”in Crow Mouth Funny Girl. He brought the mysterious “virus of happiness” to the site. Audiences were immediately infected and then the news conference became a happy party. Other creators also frequently showed their “superpower”, and their magic performance raised a stir among the audience. By doing all these, they hoped to spread happiness to audience. As Director Jiang Jiajun ever said, “Crow Mouth Funny Girl has strong attractions. Our original intension of making this comedy is that we hope to bring happiness to others, and the happiness can spread among public like virus.” What was more interesting, Chen Yanfei exposed others tricks both in the comedy and in real life. She lifted Yin Zheng’s clothes to debunk his magic performance. These two people loved but hurt each other like Tom and Jerry, which was super funny. As for Zhang Ruihan, he even showed his courtship skill. He paid court to Zhang Linzhi through the magic of changing a scarf into a rose, which displayed a good example for the singles. In the site, they were so funny and interesting that the audience could not help yelling, “So exciting!”No matter in and out of the comedy, Crow Mouth Funny Girl is very amusing and hilarious. It will bring some relax and ease to those who live in fast spaced and high stress society, and will also release its power to warm people in the cold winter.

    Jiang Jiajun cooperates with  Qi Xiaohui and brings “Shang-style humor”

    Crow Mouth Funny Girl is jointly directed by Jiang Jiajun and Qi Xiaohui. Jiang Jiajun, called“the father of custom series”, has created many popular TV dramas, such as Boy & Girl , Unbeatable 1, 2,  Ugly Wu Di 2, etc. His TV dramas have very exquisite scenes so that he is acknowledged by insiders as “the best director of fashion TV drama”. At the press conference, he said, “When you watch this comedy, you will find that we have spent quite enough on characters, especially on the dress of Mao Xiaotong and Chen Yanfei. One is cute and the other is fashionable. Their dresses are all very fine and delicate, and even have the style of Japanese caricature. As for the scenes, the comedy is shot not only in modern cities but also in some calm and gentle water towns. ” Qi Xiaojun, the beautiful directress, ever created such TV dramas as The Story of Cooking Class, The Story of the Health Team, Home with Kids 5, My Own Swordsman, etc. This time, she cooperated with Jiang Jiajun to make the comedy Crow Mouth Funny Girl which involved strong sense of fashion and “Shang-style humor”. It is expected to see what kind of experience the comedy will bring to audience.

    With re-innovation of post-production, it is expected to be a phenomenal comedy to raise another original IP boom.

    When Creasun Media operated the post-production of this comedy, they got to knew that it was suitable for the whole family. Its type was the most suitable choice to adjust family atmosphere and make family relationship closer. Therefore, in the process of the post production, Creasun created a new comedy atmosphere by adding many special effects to elaborate the story. Besides, the excellent scene edition with sense of urban fashion and elaborate color processing made this comedy more delightful and more humorous. The good narration structure and the sharp contrast of characters made it possible to become a phenomenal comedy following Ipartment, to raise another original IP boom.