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  • The suspense romance "the lost lover" will be released on the 15th of this month throughout the nation.

    The film is directed by the famous romance film director Zhenzhen Huang, and it is also her first attempt to shoot a suspense film. After the cooperation with the film <Besties>, once again Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation cooperate with Zhenzhen Huang and participate in the post-production parts of film toning and after effects parts.

    The film is initially inspired by the director Zhenzhen’s Huang parents and it is actually a surrealism film. From the three tears in the film <Tear in a fallen city>, the memory finding journey in the film <The Stolen Years> and the heart-warming relation between the besties in the healing film <Besties>, although these film are all just plain stories but every time Zhenzhen Huang can find a sensitive point to stimulate the audience and touch the softest part in their heart. This time, the film “The Lost Lover” is different from her previous plain narrative way, and she adds more suspense element in the touching traditional love story, telling a story about the existence of the soul in the world.

    At the beginning of the film, Ming Li plays a husband KaiFeng, because he misses her wife too much so he use "psychic" to recall his wife Qiu Jie ‘s (played by LuoDan Wang) soul with a hope to continue their love. However, about the recall of the soul, "psychic" also has some warnings: only the people who love her can see her soul.

    According to the comment from the audience: The film "The Lost Lover" reminds them of the
    the moving animation "Wife's Memory", which is a story about a wife suffering from Alzheimer died, and her husband can see his wife's "soul of memory." In the film "The Lost lover" the first half of the story does have a similar perception of “Wife’s memory”, but in the second half of the story there is an unexpectedly reversal.

    Compared with the story itself, the ingenious thought about “soul” is more commendable. As we all know, the domestic film is not allowed to appear the concept of "ghost", although the "The Lost Lover" does not use the word "ghost" instead of using the word "soul", but the meaning they represent in the movie is quite similar. However, this is not a horror thriller, but a romance story. Make impossible possible, it can be perceive that the director and scriptwriter Zhenzhen Huang try very hard to do this work. She buried the clue and suspense at the very beginning and discloses the truth at the end of the film, this make the entire film became fluent and complete.

    In the film, Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation has contribute perfect toning and after effects in order to show the touching love across the life and death between the hero and heroine. This film is definitely not a horror movie, and its predicted box office is already exceeded 150 million, will be ready to release on 15th January tomorrow.