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  •        <COME AWAY>, a fantasy adventure film, co-produced and invested by Creasun Media, stars famous American actress Angelina Jolie, is now in the post-production stage.

           Overturning the traditional sense of children's literature story, <Come Away> pairs Alice and Peter Pan as siblings. When the two characters from different fantasy world become a family, and innocent golden dreamland encounters dark and cold realistic tragedy, the fantasy adventure is bound to taste of cruelly, make adults and children ‘come away’ together.

           The film directed by Brenda Chapman, the first female director of a major Hollywood studio. She was one of three directors of Dreamwork’s animated film <The Prince of Egypt> (1988), and she has worked on several Oscar-Nominated animated films, such as <Beauty and The Beast> <The Hunchback of Notre Dame> and <Fantasia 2000> etc. With her conception and she as the screenwriter and director of the animated film <Brave>, which won The Best Animated Feature at the 85th Academy Awards and The Best Animated Feature at the 70th Golden Globe Awards.

           Before directing <Come Away>, Chapman had been immersed in the field of animation film for years, this one can say the first live-action film in her directing career. "The films I make are usually in the animation field, because I like to tell stories with visual effects, and I'm good at creating those visual arts from scratch. However, when I became obsessed with the story of <Come Away>, I found that a world full of imagination was presented in my mind!” Chapman said <Come Away> was the first live-action script to lure her out of her comfort zone of animated filmmaking. "I wanted to fuse these two fantasy worlds together and imagine how they would grow up to be Alice and Peter Pan in a fairy tale, and I wanted to bring that to life and show it to a large community of people who had been exposed to these two fairy tales." She said.

           <Come away> is the prequel to <Alice in Wonderland> and <Peter Pan>, it tells a dark story of death, addiction, madness and fear about Alice and Peter Pan. They were brother and sister before Alice went to the wonderland and Peter became Peter Pan. When their eldest brother died in a tragic accident, they began to look for ways to save their parents from the vortex of sadness. Eventually, they are forced to choose between home and fantasy, preparing them for the iconic journey to Wonderland and Neverland. Jolie plays the mother of Alice and Peter. Black actor David Oyelowo plays Jolie's husband, so Alice and Peter are played by two mixed-race children. They are both new actors.

           Moreover, the produce team of <Come Away> has won at least five Oscars Awards, and decades of experience were enough to present the visually rich and complex film, to reconstruct Peter and Alice and the Victorian age in which they lived.