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  • Beijing No.81 3D thriller movie hit the market and unexpectedly got nearly 500 million box offices.

    Which successfully refreshed the Chinese thriller movies’ box office record.
    This time, the original staff "iron triangle" of the "Beijing No.81" Jun Wen, WeiMin Ye, Xinru Lin have teamed up again to rebuild this bizarre and magnificent thriller extravaganza " The Phantom of the Enchanted Palace 3D ". The official movie will release tomorrow.

    This film takes the Chinese horror movies’ founder Xuweibang Ma as the prototype, and the story is mainly about the weird things happen around the republic of China.

    This time, the movie without the so-called “fifty cents after effects”! The producers have invested a huge amount of money to make excellent visual effects. What is more, they make a perfect combination of the fear and the aesthetics of horror to bring the audience the ultimate enjoyment of audio-visual experience.

    Created by the former staff of the "Beijing NO.81", " The Phantom of the Enchanted Palace 3D " is undoubtedly with ambition to recreate the miracle. They make every effort to keep the consistency with the former films, meanwhile, add various types of fresh elements.

    Some viewers from the film premiere commented that: "the 3D effect experience is greatly improved, and the impression of 3D space even exceeded a lot of mandarin blockbusters.
    It can be seen as one of the most outstanding Chinese film which is later transferred into the 3D effect!"  Never mention the "fifty cents after effects " and do not complain about Chinese postproduction technology. The quality of the after effects all depends on how much the sincerity and money does the staffs invest in.
    The film " The Phantom of the Enchanted Palace 3D " is undoubtedly a big production masterpiece, and all the postproduction work is completed by Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation. Hence, come and make sure to see this 3D masterpiece!!

    A word of praise is not need to say the second times. I would guarantee you will feel worth it when you came out from the cinema!

    In the film "The phantom of the enchanted palace", everything is real in this unrealistic world.
    The film did not make up scary picture intentionally, but use an unique way to tell an
    anecdotage of hate, affection, and the disclose a painful truth in the story. The core content of the film is from an old Chinese movie "Midnight songs", the scenario of the whole story is very fluent and the suspenseful atmosphere is properly created. The lighting and dressing are all extremely luxurious in the film, especially the 3D fire effects is so vivid like it was real. Of course, the whole postproduction work is excellence. Some Netizens said that: "Xinru Lin is unrealistically beautiful with the superb and textbooks-like acting performance. Another actor Youning Yang’s performance is also very impressive. Nevertheless, these two Taiwan accents gave the film less credibility."

    All in all, "The phantom of the enchanted palace" is not a horror film about the invisible "ghost", but a feature story happened in the previous generation, a story about entanglements of love and hate.

    There is another play within the play "The phantom of the enchanted palace", another cinema in the story. The shooting movies “Midnight songs” in the story also reflect the chaotic social condition in the old Republic of China. The story revolves around the dictatorial warlords, the concubines fight for a man’s favor, the unspoken rules in the entertainment circles, the extravagant life in old shanghai...

    Compared with the suspense “ghost” story, the more thrilling thing is actually people’s hearts, which dominate people’s endless desire. Hitherto, there is no exception. The whole story is fluent; the atmosphere of suspense is properly settled. Especially, the most valuable part is redemption and release both about love and family bond.

    Since the film will release tomorrow morning, why not come to cinema and check it out?