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  • "The Frog Kingdom 2" is synchronized released throughout the country on February 19.

    The original fantasy 3D animation movie "The big adventure of the frozen frog kingdom " (referred to "The Frog Kingdom 2" later) film is produced by JiLinYushuo film and television company and Jilin animation college co-productions, post-production by Shanghai Creasun Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd, and released by Yongle film. As a sincerity domestic animation, under the disadvantages circumstances of in competition with t other big budget production, "The Frog Kingdom 2" still has a good attendance rate and impressive reputation.

    The fluent narratives help us viewing the world from completely new “frog” perspective. The brave and funny "ugly but adorable" frogs’ team from the frozen frog countries and their fantasy adventures is deeply funded by the audience. Many netizens are embodiment to be their super fans, and require for increasing more percentage of screening for this movie.

    "The excellent reputation in first weekend "
    The "ugly but adorable" frogs’ team is loved by the child"

    "Frog Kingdom 2" is premiered on the 18th, it soon has been widely recognized in the media industry when it has been released. "The advanced 3D animation technologies, wonderful and vivid story, excellent dubbing team, all enable us to see the future hope of domestic animation. There is a sincere comment from a professional in media industry, he said “This films represents that Chinese animation movies is on the rise, we are getting better and better ".
    Participate in the post-production parts, Shanghai Creasun Meduia Culture Stock Corporation has no time to gratify and celebrate this success. For Creasun company, Improve the film post production technology, and enrich the expression of the film contents, boosting the dream of Chinese film is their endless and unshakable responsibility.
    After three years of precipitation, "Frog Kingdom 2" has very sophisticated post-production effects and brings the audience a Hollywood-style large visual and auditory superb experience. Mass media said that this film is also an ideal education film for children, which records a story about dream and growth with a positive energy.
    When a film is released, it will soon has its own life and naturally interact with the audience, then they produce a series of subtle chemical reactions spontaneously. On the 19th, the first day of the film the "Frog Kingdom 2" released, it realizes the counterattack of high volume of many blockbusters with high attendance rate and excellent reputation. The "ugly but adorable" team has been deeply loved by our children. Many children saw the movie "The Frog Kingdom 2" wants to take pictures with the film posters, dolls and reluctant to leave, which reflects the high popularity and the super charm of the "ugly but adorable" team.

    Limited percentage of total screening but great reputation
    Netizens request for more arrangement of showing

    Because of the Spring Festival, Cinemas have gathered many 3D blockbusters, many big budget production have luxurious cast to marketing themselves. Therefore, the "The Frog Kingdom 2" is on the face of a high reputation but a low screening time dilemma.

    Although the first three days after releases is at weekend, but most theatre or cinema arrange the time concentrated in the morning and afternoon sessions, only very limited number of showing is at the evening golden time. Many customers want to buy tickets, but cannot find a proper time to watch it, which causing many customers request for increasing the number of showing of the film "The Frog Kingdom 2" on Weibo. As they commented "This animation film is full of sincerity, and without doubt the hope of our domestic animation industry." "Excellence, this can absolutely compare with foreign animation", "Good animation needs everyone's support, I hope a lot of row of films. " Those comments have also called wide concern and became a heated topic on Weibo.

    With the exquisite layout of the story and the “anthropomorphic” cartoon image, "Frog Kingdom 2" can completely let you forget it is an animated film. These all can help to prove that "The Frog Kingdom 2" is not just a normal entertainment animation to please the child, but also ready to provide the older audience group a high-quality animated film. Thus, this film is especially suitable for family members viewing together, and plays an important role of educating as well.