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  • NEWS flash | The weekly serial drama Tornado Girl goes out at 10:00 pm, on Tuesdays and Fridays.                                                                                

    on the Youth On March of Mango channel gaining increasing popularity. The Creasun completed the post production work of this summer TV series of 2015 targeting at youths audience. The leading actors include Hu Bingqing, Yang yang, Chen Xiang, Bai Jingting, Zhao Yuanyuan, Wu Lei, Tan Songyun and so on. The first week saw a success in terms of the increasing ratings, which had been the highest for two consecutive days both on city network and national network.   

    Audience’s girlish heart, which means a nice soft and romantic heart belonging to a teenage girl , is aroused by Tornado Girl repeatedly, thus , not only the youthful girls but also the adult maidens start to believe again that even an ordinary person , who  is not conspicuous or eye-catching at all, can be pursued by several charming men at the same time.

    Kind,Tough Character,Skilled in Kungfu. Do not pray eyes to your dream lover when he is taking a bath.
    Appearance, family background and good qualities are all important settings for the main female character. The girl who wins the love of charming men must be the one who comes from humble origins without outstanding appearance and has experienced many difficulties in her life. At the same time, she needs to be skillful in houseworks with good qualities such as diligency and tough character. Even the dumplings made by her are praised by others after been tasted.

    However, regarding appearance, other TV series only indicate this through lines roughly. Unexpectedly, Tornado Girl sticks to this principle strictly in practice. In the drama, the demure girl is made into the unique character “Bai Cao” when matched with the specific costumes and neat fringe.

    Besides, a girlish-hearted person should be of high integrity with conventional values bearing righteousness, honesty and the sense of shame in her mind. Even facing the media in public , she should have the courage to place righteousness above family loyalty. Therefore the handsome and charming man would notice her. Also, she should behave like a girl in private life. It’s against her principle to see a man who is taking a bath. Even when he has put on his clothes, the girl should turn her head around and close her eyes while exclaiming in shyness. Only by doing so, can the handsome guy be attracted by the girl.

    Finally, a girlish heart needs to be soft and sensitive. She has a fragile heart hidden within her tough character. Crying is a necessary scene in the drama. Sometimes, she even hums a song while her lover is just looking attentively behind her. Also, a kind girl is loyal and steady to the relationship. She wouldn’t betray him even when her respected teacher begs her on bended knees. Then, she becomes more attractive to her pursuer.

    A close friend beside you will be a bonus on your road to your dream boy.
    You need a close friend, who shares your worries and always supports you on your side even willing to get wet in the rain together with you, to help you realise your romantic imaginations. She could be a person who is keen on good-looking man so that she would guide you to peek your Mr. Right when he’s taking baths. She may be a gossip, then related information of your dream boy would be shared by her. And most importantly, your close friend need to be a nice, innocent and bright girl, then she is willing to offer you a place for living and then your path and the handsome boys’ cross.

    Having a good close friend also means that you can live in a warm home full of love, where your girlish heart will bloom like a flower. Her parents are lovely, kind and humorous as well, like adult children dropping out of kindergarten. And the room is bright and comfortable where you can immerse yourself in personal thoughts or spread the facial mask casually.

    The warm hero Chu Yuan(acted by Bai Jingting) is set to awake the young lady’s heart and make her moved. He is like the milk, pure and white, living in a solitary log cabin near the river far away from the vulgar world. It’s so sweet of him that he would relieve you gently and help you rub the ointment.

    Whoever the girl will fall in love with finally, a boss type man, who appears to be arrogant and cold while giving you a burning feeling when he pursues you, is necessary on her way to cultivate a girlish heart. Fang Tinghao belongs to this type. He has an air of freedom minding the title of champion little. Kabe-don  may happen at any time.
    The excellent work Tornado Girl satisfies the mental demand of its targeted audience clearly. This TV series enjoys the greatest advantage of involving a group of good-looking actors, who are youthful as fresh as a daisy. The advantage has been clearly proved in light of the feedback and reaction of the audience so far.