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  • Before the Chinese Valentine’s day, we can see the full screen of Valentines information in the wechat moments.

    such as the Romantic love story movies, the personalized and creative gifts, and the romantic marriage proposal…..on Chinese Valentine’s day. Speaks of the romantic love movies, the film post-produced by Creasun Media is undoubtedly the best choice of Valentine’s day. Starring by Mi Yang, Bai He Bai, in the love movie " Cities in Love " each encounter is an inexplicable romance, and the unexpected flipped when you met him, and when you are in need of him, he happens to be on your side, silently waiting for you.

    Previously, the information of a “mysterious Megastars” will sing the theme song has been wide spread on Internet, the unique voice was soon called wide attention. After the release of the demo, everybody is guessing who has such powerful performance and elegant voice.
    The answer is--- Maggie Cheung!
    Yesterday, the production company of the film officially announced that theme song is produced by the world famous actress Maggie Cheung, and the theme song "If I can’t have you” the complete version MV also released at the same time. Maggie Cheung has completed the whole production of the lyrics, composition and the singing of the whole songs. This is also her first crossover from an actress to a film theme song singer.

    Prague, Shanghai, Paris, Hokkaido and Florence ... ... In the film“Cities in Love” the audience can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery on the screen, but also meet the unexpected romance, and experiencing a love called silently stand by your side.

    The Highlight One: The romance between Yummy mummy Mi Yang and handsome Kaiyuan Zheng
    The yummy mummy Mi Yang has never stopped her work from her pregnancy to her daughter’s birth. It seems she never have a rest in the whole period of pregnancy. However,“Cities in Love” is actually Mi Yang’s first comeback work after her daughter’s (NuoMi) birth. Mi Yang spend the shortest time to evolve herself from a girl to a wife then a yummy mummy has attracted much admiration. In her comeback film, she will have a love romance in a foreign country with the young handsome guy KaiYuan Zheng. Although she is already a mother of a child, but it seems no difficulties for her to playing a role as a little girl.
    Mi yang turned herself into a traveler wandering around the world because of her unfulfilled wishes, she is always quiet but stubborn with a cool character. We all have a heart to wander around the world with our beloved one, hold their hands and walk on every inch of the world. All I came the way all alone, but fortunately finally I met you in this romantic city.

    The Highlight Two: Have a travel follow the film
    The combination of couples with the most striking outlook, Mi Yang and Kaiyuan Zheng, Shuying Jiang and Xianzai Li, Yiyan Jiang and Quanxiao Zhang, Rongrong Zhang and Xuan Huang, Bai He Bai and JingTian Ruan. Five different love stories happens in five romantic Saint land, Prague, Shanghai, Hokkaido, Paris, and Florence, and their romance are all in their unique styles.
    "Cities in Love " can also serve as a super handbook for those travelers, a travel in a city and love, come to have a luxury feast of Romantic love.

    The Highlight Three: The most romantic thing is to meet you in this city
    The "Cities in Love " looking for love, encounter love, and find its romantic journey back to love. No matter how tortuous and bitterness the process is, people still always believe in the existence of love and its goodness. When we loved each other, we love from the bottom of heart. Big city has its own prosperity and beauty, small town has its unique charm and style, the memory belong to us is hided in those cities. Chinese valentine's day is on 20th August, Creasun Media invite you come to see the film“Cities in Love”. In the city looking for meet our sole memory of love, do not forget your initial flip of love!