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  • Synopsis: The film is adapted from the Stephen Chow’s science fiction comedy film " ChangJiang  7 " .                                                                                                                           

    (referred to CJ7 in later), and its concept poster still continues the representative green colors of its original film“CJ7”. Based on the interstellar universe as the background, the movie has highlight its fictitious sense of time and space. The adorable mascot CJ7 with its symbolized wireless antennas situated in the visual center of the poster. The UFO-shaped disc releases a dazzling light as a tiny energy ball. It seems also indicates that the animation film “CJ7 super Q team” will be released enormous impact through this wireless antennas.

    Director: ZongYao Jian
    Dubbing: BanYu Shi, Jiao Xu, Lai Lin
    Genre: Animation / Family
    Production country: China
    Released Date: September 26, 2015


    The animation film “CJ7 super Q team” is the sequel film of Stephen Chow’s original science fiction comedy film “CJ7”. The story is about the earthlings Xiao Di Zhou, and his adorable pet CJ7 together joined the interstellar commandos and the United Star Guard off-line captain 88 to fight with the interstellar devil king Baby King.

    The animated film will continue the nonsensical styles of humor in the original film, and the main character is also evolved from the real person image, but the animation images and characters will be more exaggerated and more adorable than the original film.

    The film also added more popular element in the film, such as CJ7’s wireless antenna is extremely cute, the publicity team even shouts out the slogan that this film will make you entire family feel loves them! This also shows the high popularity of the film “CJ7 super Q team”.
    Some Netizens even has some mind-blowing imagination that CJ7’s energy antenna can instead the Internet broadband, and with the antenna there is no need to buy a variety of boxes to watch television or bring the tape recorder at the square dance ... ... What else unexpected skills will CJ7 shows in the film? Come and check it out at cinema!