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  • Synopsis : With Phantom of the Theater,director Raymond Yip .

    together with Ruby Lin and Manfred Wong (known as the China’s thriller film “Iron Triangle”) continues his recent streak of horror films that also includes Blood-Stained Shoes and The House that Never Dies. This brand new magic legend film preserves the same team of the aforementioned two films with Creasun Film Group taking on the post-production. A haunted palace theater, a gorgeous Movie Queen, a buried vendetta, a mysterious human spontaneous combustion… All on November 28. With the overwhelming beauty of the “Queen of Ghosts”, dare you come to see the “real ghosts”?

    The new ”Phantom Shadow” horror series released in 2015 reunited the renowned “China’s thriller film Iron Triangle”---- Raymond Yip, Ruby Lin and Manfred Wong after they made a domestic horror box-office success in Blood-Stained Shoes (2012) and The House that Never Dies (2014). Several days ago, Hong Kong veteran director Raymond Yip, play-writer Manfred Wong and producer and actress Ruby Lin showed up at the premiere of Phantom of the Theater, the first film of the ”Phantom” series, held in Beijing. The producers purposely and surprisingly brought the ”haunted movie theater”, the central stage in the film, to the real life at the premiere, serving as a tool to release the pilot trailer and the teaser post of the “Queen of Ghosts”. They also made a declaration that the date of the national release of this film would be November 27th. Raymond Yip, Ruby Lin and Manfred Wong shared their stories behind the scene and details of the film and joined in the “guts test” game personally, triggering the intense atmosphere on the scene.

    Set in the years of the Republic of China, Phantom of the Theater unfolded in and around an abandoned theater that was said to be haunted by the ghosts after a macabre human spontaneous combustion incident happened there. In comes a young film director with plans to shoot a ghost story in this very theater. Since the very first day of shooting, the horrible ghosts, supernatural phenomena, mysterious incidents and long-buried vendetta began to unveil and whirl in this haunted theater.

    The post-production team of two films Blood-Stained Shoes and The House that Never Dies, Creasun Film Group took on the mission again by adding imagery special effects, 3D images and screen color process to echo the plot of terrifying “Phantom” in this film. Raymond Yip showed us that although inheriting the tradition of the aforementioned two films with a story based on fork tales, Phantom of the Theater brings, instead of one story as before, many widely known stories, the gate of hell, Bridge of Sigh, MengPo Soup, for example, in this haunted theater. Thereby, the consequential horrible atmosphere, stunning visual effects, thrilling plot and the resplendent cast would make this series a now start in China’s thriller film history.

    Unlike the traditional Chinese thriller, Phantom of the Theater made a breakthrough by adopting a "play-in-play" mode, telling a bizarre story happened in the haunted theater from multiple perspectives with multiple clues. The young film director and his directing activities in the film were actually all based on the true story happened to director Ma-Xu Weibang when he was shooting the film song at midnight and were an extension of Ma-Xu’s little-known past. With a settled story skeleton, the main staff made a valiant attempt to incorporate new horror elements such as the mysterious human spontaneous combustion and other mysterious incidents into the film with the hope to, in their own way, pay tribute to song at midnight, the first Chinese horror film.  

    Manfred Wong revealed, that Phantom of the Theater dared to boldly depict and demonstrate the almost restricted-level horror scenes, which would surely scare out of the viewers’ minds.