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  • In the past, Chinese actors are only walk-ons in Hollywood blockbusters.

    Nowadays, with the growing border market, the output environment of Chinese movies will be gradually rewritten.
    Recently, at the just-opened Toronto Film Festival, the Chinese science fiction film "Lost in the Pacific ",which was jointly produced by Creasun Media, firstly released its English version’s trailer and official posters and caused heated discussion among North American amateur critics, media and a large number of foreign audiences immediately. No matter in terms of the luxurious cast or its amazing after effects, this seems to be a standard "Hollywood" work , but theoretically, “Lost in the Pacific " is an authentic "Chinese film."

    Chinese actress YuQing Zhang played the cool captain

    "Lost in the Pacific " trailer, Yuqi Zhang’s thrilling air adventure duration: 30 seconds

    "Lost in the Pacific" is a big budget production which has integrated four genres of films, science fiction, catastrophe, monster and Romance. From the perspective of the genre film, this film has opened up a totally new fusion experience.
    Throughout the Asian films, no matter science fiction films or the disaster films are always in disadvantage when compared with the Hollywood films. Nearly a decade ago, only a South Korean film "The Host” has left an impressive mark in the Asian film history, nevertheless the film still relies on the United States, New Zealand, Australia and other "multinational force" involving in its postproduction after effects process. But this time, the film "Lost in the Pacific" is directed and produced by the entire domestic team, also it is the first time Chinese movies filmed in Asia's largest Hollywood shooting base and build a 1: 1 shooting cabin to complete the filming.
    According to the professional analysts words, regarding the film <Lost in the Pacific> from the whole Asian film point of view, the newly released film "Lost in the Pacific " will be a dark horse and catch up with the Korean film <The Host>. Because the film <Lost in the Pacific> dose not only has the most advanced film technology, but also has more international story-telling skills.

    “Superman” Brandon Routh played a mystery chief this time

    The Foreign media pay extreme attention to this "Chinese science fiction"
    The Foreign film critic called the film “Lost in the Pacific” another "fifth element"

    The hero in the film <Lost in the Pacific> is the famous Hollywood star, "Superman" Brandon Routh, and the heroine is played by the Chinese actress Yuqi Zhang. And other famous actors such as Shengde Wang, Mengjie Jiang, Bier Liao, Xiangyu Dai, Yangming Wang, Yonglin Yu also has participated in the films.

    In recent years, a fastest-growing amateur-type website called Fansided, which mainly reporting the entertainment, sports, science and technology news stories in the United States. This website has used the word "Incredible" and "INSANE" in their title to describe the film <Lost in the Pacific>.
    In the text, they commented the first trailer of <Lost in the Pacific> as an amazing masterpiece. Also "This is the first movies make me so excited after “Snakes on a Plane”.And brought me a sense of craziness and a kind of 'catastrophe' pleasure ... ...I couldn’t believe anyone don’t want to see this film. The Fansided video is broadcasting synchronized throughout US and distribute on more than 300 high-definition(HD) Web site, and face to the 15 to 45-year-old American middle-class male audience.

    The Column editor of Fansided Genre film channel Brad Repka highly praise the film
    Jan Dizon, the editor in chief of the Science Times said "I cannot wait to see it."
    The comment from the chief editor of “Science Time”

    The mainstream media of America genre film iO9 is indeed a collection of science fiction fans, and the slogan of the site straightforwardly claim that "We come from the future".
    This time, the article on the site iO9 has prominently marked the words "Chinese blockbuster" on its title, referring to the film <Lost in the Pacific> at the Toronto Film Festival and announced its first domestic version of trailer and also attracted many science fiction fans’ whimsy comments.

    The official website of the mainstream media of America genre film iO9 has prominently marked the words "Chinese blockbuster" on its title