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  • If someone mentioned the word "VR" to you,but you stare at him with a stupid puzzled face like you don’t know what he is talking about.                                                               

    then I can only say: you are totally out of date! VR is a terminology refers to virtual reality, this word has become popular that even the college entrance essay topics have been mentioned to this.

    In recent years, public is more and more concerning the word “VR”. The practitioners called 2016 "The first year of VR Era." The film industry is one of the most popular and most eye-catching VR technology applications. On the afternoon of June 13, 2016, the 19th Shanghai International Film Festival held the "VR Virtual Reality Summit", Minglu Ma, the Chairman of Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation, and the Executive Director of Digital Kingdom An Xie, Felix & Paul Studio Co-founder Stefan Ruitu and other domestic and foreign film-television industry leaders gathering here together, actively discuss and exchange their oppeniounts of VR film and sparks new ideas in their communication.

    VR view mode will bring huge revolution to the traditional film industry

    "VR technology changed the film viewing mode, it is a 360-degree viewing angle to imaging, you are no longer just watching the film over the screen, but as one of the leading characters involved in the story process.” Mrs Ma Minglu, the chairman of Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation told us the VR film and television will bring great changes to our modern life.

    VR film and television is different from the traditional film, it can tell an abstract story in an immersive interactive way and bring audiences an immersive experience and striking visual effect. Users can switch between different angles and select different scenes as they want, they can interact with any content in VR video, and even invite friends to watch movies in the same scene and communicate with each other. There’s a huge difference between VR video and traditional film-television production while shooting and producing stages. It creates huge subversion of the script creation, on-site shooting, post-editing and other traditional film producing parts, also brings great shock to the whole film and television industry. In the traditional film and TV play, all of the characters and events are set in advance but in the VR film, the panoramic viewing experience and strong interaction function make every object and person appearing in the film become very important and indispensable.

    In the VR film shooting process, every angle is required to capture; all staff is required for concealed shooting. After the completion of shooting, VR film also need special post-production work such as stitching the video materials together.

    Creating the perfect experience with excellent technology and creative content

    Mr. Mu Tang, the president of millet Pictures use the word "uncomfortable" to summarize the status of the VR technology. Bulky and disgraceful appearance, poor portability, poor user experience, low visibility, dizziness and terrible viewing effect make a lot of people interested in the VR but discouraged. However with the rapid development of technology, VR technology will eventually develop fast like mobile phones.

    In the process of improving the technology, whether the content is ready is the most concerned issue of the VR film and television by now. In this summit, the domestic and foreign film-television industry elites all regard creative content as the key element to develop VR film and television. Technology is the foundation, and the content is the soul. User's curiosity will disappear soon without good content; then the VR fever will gradually fade away.

    We can only cultivate our user’s activity and strengthen their loyalty when the excellent technology and creative content combine. In that way, the VR video will be more accepted and loved by more customers.

    Break through the limitations and seek for cooperation to reach the peak of the VR view mode
    Although there are still some limitations about VR film, its unlimited potential and outstanding prospects make a lot of film-television companies and directors continue to explore in this emerging new field, to search a breakthrough. Even the world famous international director Steven Spielberg, who worry about VR technology a lot, will also work with a VR film company to shoot a family theme VR film.

    VR film is already appeared to the audience. In the Shanghai Film Festival "Genesis" VR park, there are more than 30 latest display VR films in total, including the China's first VR feature film "Black Fairy" starred by Xiaoming Huang and Sichun Ma. Also, Eric Darnell, the director of the global blockbuster animation comedy "Madagascar" will also use the new 360-degree VR technology in his new animated short film.

    In the future, about prospect of VR technology, Mu Tang, the president of Millet Picture said "VR head will be the third screen following the mobile phone and television in the personal consumer market." For the future of VR film-television practitioners, Shengming Ma, the chairman of Shanghai Creasun Film Culture Media Co., Ltd., said at the end, "Now we are all standing on the same starting line, as long as we continuously improve our technology and find more cooperation with creativity design, everyone's opportunity is the same." Digital kingdom executive director An Xie believes that, in the VR film industry, there is no competitor, but only partners. In VR, the new field, we need to work together for a brighter future.

    Face to such opportunities and challenges, people in VR video industries have already started searching solutions. I believe in the coming future, there will be more VR virtual reality film that we can expect to appear in our vision. Whether you accept or not, VR film and television will eventually set off a huge change and revolution in our industry.