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  • Shanghai  International Film Festival was officially started .It is a great honor for Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation to have a three-day exhibition as a participant of the festival.

    As an A class film festival recognized by the International Film Producers Association, Shanghai film festival has very high reputation.
    The Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation’s participation has attracted many attentions, our improving post-production technology, various creative experience and nearly a hundred of the film and television postproduction works. On this film festival, Creasun company has bring the recent work to the exhibition, including "Besties", "Beijing No.81", " As The Light Goes Out ", "Cold War", "lovely you", each work witnessed the growth of Shanghai Creasun Media Culture Stock Corporation.

    As a rare domestic film and television post-production company, in the face of fierce competition in the film market, the company are currently strive to transfer into more integrated and comprehensive corporations, and actively extended the Chinese and global market. Welcome you to watch the film and television we provide for you with delicious fruits!