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  • Synopsis : Shanghai Creasun Media Appearance on The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival Market Exhibition Come to A Successfu Conclusion .                                             

    Shanghai International Film Festival is the first Chinese film festival recognized by the International Film Organizer Association, it’s one of the world's 15 international Class A film festivals.

    On June 18, the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival - International Film Marketwas kicked offin Shanghai Exhibition Center.For a period of 3 days, there were 251 global film organizations here to exhibit, communicate and cooperate their film projects.

    Creasun appearance on the Shanghai International Film Festival market exhibition with many highlights.Perfect film & television post-production process, rich experience in film & television creation, nearly a hundred film & television programs, and a unique booth design attracted lotsenterprises, film lovers and VFX specialists.


    During the exhibition, there were many oversea filmmakerswhich from the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Spain, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Poland etc. came to consult with us, achieve a self-evident influence.

    In the future, Creasunwill running on an international trend.