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  • Shao Minjun, the CEO of Shanghai Creasun Film Culture and Media Company Limited as well as the former vice president of Focus Media Group                                                                                                  

    has been invited as a special guest to the TV program of financial comment, New Discovery of Value ,on CCTV channel of stock news. He talks about how he switches to film-TV culture industry from his career in outdoor media and how to build the first listed company of film-TV technology in the new third board market.

    At the beginning of 2015, Shao leaved Focus Media Group where he had stayed for over ten years and swiftly joined in Creasun, a film culture and media company of first-class level, being optimistic about the prospect of the film industry in China. Creasun is planned to be the only listed company of film and television technology on the new third board market domestically.

    Creasun, set up in Shanghai in 2007, mainly focused on shoot of TV dramas and films as well as post-production work at the very beginning. In 2011, wholly-owned subsidiaries were founded in Beijing and then Hong Kong, equipped with post-production line of international standard. So far, it has participated in the post-production work of over 100 films, over 3,000 episodes of TV series as well as more than 100 business programs. Representative works include Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Young Detective Dee: Rise of The Sea Dragon, Cold War, Firestorm, As The Light Goes Out, Last Flight, Girls, The House That Never Dies, Cities In Love and so on. In 2013, the film Cold War won the award for best visual effects of the 32rd Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA). The 3 D film The House That Never Dies broke 10 records of homemade thrillers with a box office of 50 million yuan.

    Host : Could you please introduce Creasun to us briefly ?

    Shao Minjun: In short, Creasun develops its business opportunities on the upstream and downstream chain of film-TV industry with film-TV technology being as the core of our company. On the upper stream, we invest the shoot of films with special effects including subjects on fantasy, science fiction and horror movies based on the idea of the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA). As to the downstream, we are trying to build a first brand of entertainment marketing, offering one-step services such as film and TV-drama inter-cut, custom-made films and dramas, joint publicity, O2O fan marketing, IP management and commercial operation.

    Is Creasun competitive in film and TV post-production industry?

    Host: Mr. Shao, since Creasun uses the film and TV technology as the core of company’s development, has it got many competitors of the similar type in post-production market domestically so far? How about Creasun’s competitiveness?

    Shao:”Only a few actually. The whole post-production sector involves many parts, roughly dividing into three aspects: picture, sound and composed output of sound and picture, that is, the digital copy output. The picture aspect includes editing, color, special effects and technological implementation. 3 D films need the technology of converting 2 D to 3 D and stereo check. The sound aspect includes sound effects, background music and musical arrangement. Then finally it comes to the composition of sound and picture. There are no more than three companies that are able to offer technological support for the whole film post-production domestically currently.”

    The company’s plans for future development of audio and video technology

    Shao: We’ll strengthen the development of film-TV technology. Financial raising becomes easy through listing on the new three board market. Based on China’s large market and the high Price to Earning Ratio (PE) of domestic capital market, we want to absorb the experienced teams of post-production experts abroad by merging with international market. Similar companies have made acquisitions of post-production enterprises abroad while they failed due to the poor management of labor and finance as well as the shortage of technology. Creasun has the advantage of well management since we’re adept at this area.
    What’s more, we have started a shift from film-TV tech to video and audio tech, in other words, the business is extending to a larger commercial field. Most film-TV technologies have great potential for commercial application, for example, the hologram tech and AR tech can be applied to multi-media programs of audio and video projects commercially.

    The valuation of Creasun and its plans for listing in the new three board market

    Host: How about the valuation of Creasun and its profit estimation. How is the current progress we made in listing in the new three board market?

    Shao: Currently, the post-money valuation  is 300 million yuan ($ 1 equals RMB 6.88 approximately). It’s estimated that profit would be 20 million yuan ,1/15 of that number in the next year. We’re confident because we have the advanced business mode including film-TV tech, investment in shooting and entertainment marketing. Film-TV technology part will develop steadily. In terms of investment and shooting, risks exist but we are quite certain about our experience of film-making and finance management in the past long years. Entertainment marketing, which isn’t a new business any more, depends on the people while it’s made up by an able team with much commercial management experience of this area in our company. We have already obtained the first round financing before share reform, after which another round would flow in. We will raise a fund of 60,000,000 yuan next year before becoming a listed company on the three board market formally according to our estimation.

    The plan for becoming a listed company on the three board market:the record date of share reform is on Sept, 30th in 2015. Share reform will be finished at the end of November. Related documents will be submitted to National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) around the Spring Festival. Creasun plans to enter the new three board market in May in 2016.

    Source for CCTV-New Discovery of Value : http://v.qq.com/page/y/s/v/y0165yg03sv.html